Our Lifestyle - Episode 2 - “This Scene of Ours”

In episode 2, the guys talk about Curt and LeAnn Hall. The Mayor and ODB recap the feedback from episode 1. They also catch up with Greg Miller to talk about the successes of Scrapin the Coast (STC) and what to expect for STC 2016. Sik Nic is discussed along with a few other topics. Big thanks to Sparkles Detail for the continued support. UFC, NFL and other topics are discussed. Rounding out the episode was talk about Slamfest 2015 and Relaxed Atmosphere car & truck club. 

Our Lifestyle - Episode 1 “The Introduction”

The guys introduce themselves as Mike "The Mayor" Murray and Jason "Ol' Dirty" Ballard aka ODB and how they got into the scene. They also hit the Orlando Memorial Cruise and provide some onsite audio! Get ready for an awesome ride and remember, this is only the first episode. We plan to take it to the Next Episode like Dr. Dre did.