OLP - Ep. 79 - “Orlando Memorial Cruise 2018”

August 13, 2018
ODB & The Mayor record, on location, at the Orlando Memorial Cruise 2018. They catch up with the Air Head Nation at Ace Cafe Orlando. Make sure to follow @UndergroundStyles.us via Instagram. Guests: Josh Miller (RA FL @Relaxed_Miller), Adam Zurcher (NR FL @NR_Yt_Trsh), Matt Middleton cameo (@Draggin407), David Phillips (@Murd969), Jameal (@CitiBoi4Show), Mitch (@UndergroundStyles.Us) & Greg Dias (@Gregdd82).
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Bumper music in this episode includes: “Shit Hits The Fan” By Obie Trice Ft. Dr Dre & Eminem!
Thanks to the Air Head Nation/OLP Crew for the continued support. PEACE! We out’cheah!
RIP Mark “Papa Smurf” Ballard! I miss you Dad!