Our Lifestyle - Episode 12 - “Wonder-Women”

April 3, 2016

Shoutout to Sparkles Detail for being OLP's title sponsor. The Mayor and ODB bring you their latest episode 12 titled “Wonder-Women.” The Mayor and ODB chop it up and discuss all sorts of topics including Lay’d Out at the Park (#LOATP). Additionally, ODB interviews Mrs. Maggie Halowell to discuss her son Courtney Halowell’s legacy and the impact he made in the scene. Mrs. Halowell speaks about various aspects of the mini truck scene including her son being in Class Act and eventually founding Negative Camber. Next ODB interviews Missee “The Shop Widow” Sisco. Missee speaks about her involvement in the mini truck and custom scene. Missee discusses being the wife of Brandon Sisco whom is one of the TOP fabricators in the U.S. Last but not least ODB interviews Brooke Hoover from Relaxed Atmosphere Florida chapter. She gives an update on her kick ass Ford Ranger that she drove air bagged for years. ODB and Brooke reminisce on the good ole days of mini truckin. Check it out and don’t forget to rate them on iTunes or your favorite podcast app! Thanks for the continued support and spreading the word of your favorite automotive podcast led by mini truckers who are passionate about the scene!  SparklesDetail.com; Grinder-TV.comSlamdMag.comLiftdMag.comSundayFundayBrand.com.... PEACE!