Our Lifestyle - Episode 26 - “Respect The OGs Part 2”

January 6, 2017

Shoutout to Sparkles Detail for being OLP's title sponsor. The Mayor, ST Vic and ODB bring you their latest episode 26 “Respect The OGs Part 2.” ODB intros the podcast with a shoutout to Craig Rowley and the show Battle In Bama. ODB also touches upon a quick high level review of the Samsung Galaxy 360 camera. Jason interviews Morgan ViAir pertaining to the 2016 wrap-up and some of her favorite memories over the past year. They also touch upon her passions and hobbies outside of the automotive world. Other topics include how she juggles her social media role and her day to day activities. Additionally, ODB interviews Richard “Richarotchie” Pugner “Pugnasty” from Severed Ties Arizona. Topics include some of the famous Richarotchie stories that have went down in past mini truckin’ history including: the "ball drop", biting Courtney Hansen’s ass at Showfest 2012, Smokey and the Bandit, the late 80s / 90s and so many other automotive topics. As an OG in the scene Rich even shoutouts out a new younger guy coming up in the scene and provides some insight into the future of mini truckin. Bumper music in this episode includes: “Boyz N Tha Hood (G-Mix)” by Easy-E, “Are You That Somebody” by Aaliyah, “’93 ’Oil Infinity’” by Souls of Mischief & Make A Living (Remix) by Iamsu ft G-Eazy. Thanks to the Air Head Nation for the continued support and spreading the word of your favorite automotive podcast led by mini truckers for mini truckers. We are passionate about the scene! Big ups to SparklesDetail.com; Grinder-TV.comDropEmWear.com & In The News (Plaques). PEACE! We out’cheah!