Our Lifestyle - Episode 38 - “The Scene Is Alive”

July 29, 2017
Shoutout to Sparkles Detail & Scrapin’ The Coast for being OLP's title sponsors. Scrapin' the Coast family of shows includes Orange Beach Invasion, Scrapin' The Coast, SikNic & Slamber Party
Latest episode “The Scene is Alive” features an old school mini trucker Jameal Conner from KNUCKLEHEADZ4LYFE - Insta @CitiBoi4Sho. We also sync up with NC member Brad Bosman from Tempe AZ - Insta @AZDRAGGERZ. His Excursion graces the current Truckin’ Mag subscription cover! The Mayor & ODB provide Scene Updates!
Bumper music in this episode includes: "Party On the West Coast" (feat. Snoop Dogg) mix by Matoma, "Sabrosa” by Beastie Boys & “Get in Where You Fit in Part 2” by Too Short (True 2 the Streets: G-Funk Hood Classics album)
Thanks to the OLP Crew for the continued support and spreading the word of your favorite automotive podcast led by auto enthusiasts for auto enthusiasts. We are passionate about the scene! Big ups to SparklesDetail.com; Scrapin’ The CoastGrinder-TV.com; ViAir Corp; & Aftermath Designs. PEACE! We out’cheah!