Our Lifestyle - Episode 9 - “Here’s to 2016″

January 13, 2016

Shoutout to Sparkles Detail for being OLP's title sponsor. The Mayor and ODB bring you their first podcast episode of 2016 titled "Here's to 2016." Topics range from the upcoming show season, pro football talk, Playoffs (Jim Mora voice), David Bowie, Steven Avery (Netflix's Making A Murderer series) and several other items. Jason aka Ol' Dirty Ballard gives an update on the Genius app, which is available via your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. Thanks for the continued to support and spreading the word of your favorite automotive podcast led by minitruckers!  Grinder-TV.comSlamdMag.comLiftdMag.comSundayFundayBrand.com.... PEACE!