August 16, 2019
Siknic is Aug 24th & 25 2019 @ The Lamar Dixon Expo Center. Follow Siknic’s event on the Facebook Event page for more! 
ODB intros the episode covering Scene Updates. Darrell Poe joins the OLP to discuss the back story for upcoming car/truck show Down 4 Dennis 9.14.2019. Follow @down4dennis via Instagram for more! Cope Kessler joins us to discuss many topics including how he got involved in the custom automotive scene and his epic Astro van. The van graced the cover of Mini Truckin’ Magazine Aug 1997 and Auto Sound & Security Sept 1997. Ruben Arteaga, the Booka, assists with the interview! Follow Cope on Instagram @cope_de_ville and Ruben @The_RA_Ruben. Please don’t forget to subscribe to Our Lifestyle…the Podcast. We cover everything from the mini-truck scene, 80s/90s, hip hop, culture, Old School BMX, etc. 
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  • Siknic @siknicshow Aug 24-25 @ Lamar Dixon Expo Center Gonzales, LA
  • Down 4 Dennis @down4dennis Sept 14th @ Ramey Chevrolet Princeton, WV
  • Slamfest @mini_madness_inc October 12th-13th @ Tampa Fairgrounds, FL
  • Bayou Showdown @bayoushowdownshow Nov 15-17 @ The Harbor Center Sidell, LA
  • Mini Truck Showdown @minitruckshowdown Feb 13-17 2020 @ Kern County Fairgrounds Bakersfield, CA
  • Lone Star Throwdown @lonestarthrowdown Feb 21-23 2020 @ Lone Star Expo Center Conroe, TX
Bumper music in this episode includes FREE downloaded music from YouTube Studio to avoid copyright infringement!  Oh and ODB couldn’t help himself so he inserted the following songs “Smile” by Scarface fearing the late great 2Pac, “Smartz” by Scarface & 
"The Boomin' System” by LL Cool J
RIP Mark “Papa Smurf” Ballard! We miss you!
Stay On Da Rise!