OLP - Ep. 65 - “Hauntrod”

May 25, 2018
ODB & The Mayor discuss Scene Updates. ODB does a throwback flip through on Truckin’ Mag Dec. ’95 issue. Special guest Brian Morris discusses his unique ability to find super cool shit and build it beyond sicc! Brian discusses his beginning in So Cal, moving to AZ and now residing in the Northeast. What hasn’t changed is his addiction to hot rods! Follow @hauntrod for more!
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Bumper music in this episode includes: “School's Out” by Alice Cooper, “Thriller” by Michael Jackson & "The Hood Got Me Feelin' The Pain” by Havoc & Prodeje from Tales From The Hood movie soundtrack! 
Thanks to the Air Head Nation/OLP Crew for the continued support. PEACE! We out’cheah!
RIP Mark “Papa Smurf” Ballard! I miss you Dad!