Our Lifestyle - Ep. 43 - “Life + Slamfest & Slamber Party”

October 27, 2017
Title sponsors Sparkles Detail & Scrapin’ The Coast including Slamber Party 11/3-11/5 Lumberton MS!
Ep 43 The Mayor and ODB intro “Life + Slamfest & Slamber Party.” ODB & The Mayor discuss the loss of Papa Smurf (RIP). ODB checks in with Greg Miller from Customer Car Show Productions to talk Slamber Party 2017. The Mayor & ODB talk about the return of Slamfest to Tampa in 2017 and the success of the show put on my Mini Madness Car/Truck Club. Other topics include: A fallen mini trucker Ann Grande (kcuf cancer), RAD Helltrack in Texas 2018 and much more. 
Bumper music in this episode includes: "My Life" by 50 Cent, “Down On The Corner" by John Fogerty, “Grindin” by Nipsey Hussle & "Born to Be Wild” by Steppenwolf.
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RIP Mark “Papa Smurf” Ballard