Our Lifestyle - Ep. 45 - “Lincoln Addict”

November 17, 2017
ODB intros “Lincoln Addict” ft. Jeff Davy of Devious Customs. He begins with an iPhone 8 vs. 8 Plus vs. X comparison. ODB covers many topics of Lincoln Continentals including the top builds in the US. Jeff talks about his latest tool that is sure to turn the Lincoln slab world upside down as he begins to put out even more parts! Syko Simmons makes a guest appearance form Suicide Slabs to talk about he brand new Suicide Slabs Magazine! ODB covers the top shops and vendors for anything 1961-1969 Lincolns! 
Bumper music in this episode includes: “8 Miles" by Eminem, “Lincoln Continental" by Danny Brown, “Hot Rod Lincoln” by Asleep At The Wheel & “Let Me Ride DPG Remix” by Dr. Dre.
Thanks to the Air Head Nation/OLP Crew for the continued support. Big ups to SparklesDetail.com; Scrapin’ The CoastGrinder-TV.com; ViAir Corp; & Aftermath Designs. PEACE! We out’cheah! 
RIP Mark “Papa Smurf” Ballard